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Door mate does so many things easily using the Intel Edison.

Makes Cleaning Feet FUN

Makes feet wiping fun interactive, we believe people can change for good if the change is FUN.

Is your doorman

The home owner gets notified of any visitors and can interact with them remotly, we dont like to miss our deliverys form Amazon or Flipkart.

Security and Analytics

The doormate constantly monitors foot traffic and can notify you after you read a maximum holding capacity.


Here is our progress gallery.

The Brains

Intel Edison

The Sensors

Groove Kit

The Door

The Edison Box.


This is what creates awesome.


This is an ordinary door.

Awesome Door

This is how we make doors awesome.


What the door goes though.


How is the wether here?


How is the visiblity in the hallway?


Is it to noisy?

Air Quality

How is the Air Quality?

Feets Cleaned

How many feet cleaned?


When did the bell ring?


This is how we got started.

  • 26th June

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Lenord from Intel(IOT Bnaglore) suggested we team up and hacktogether at the Hackathon. So we have an initial Phone call

  • August 1st 2015 8 40 AM

    An Agency is Born

    Ideas discussed, plan formed. We get on a hunt to find any talent that is looking for team members.

  • EOD 1st August

    Transition to Full Service

    All logical building bloacks formed. Due to bad internet connectivity we call it a night and decide to resumer work in the morning.

  • 2nd Augurt 7 30 Am

    Phase Two Expansion

    After a goodnights sleep we resume out work and begin assembling the blocks we created yesterday. Things stat to shape up prety soon and we have version 1.0 of Door bot ready. Now adding some touch up.

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Our Amazing Team

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Rohit Gupta

Lead Designer and Hardware Specialist

Rituparna Matkar

Lead Developer and Software Magician

Both team member are passionate Hackers and regularly met through a hackerspace called DOO things in Viman Nagar Pune. There love for creating products brought them to the Intel hackathon.


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